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Virus Removal Services in San Diego

Independent companies are under attack. At this moment, incredibly unsafe and very well funded cyber crime rings in China, Russia and the Ukraine are utilizing modern programming frameworks to hack into a large number of independent companies to take credit card and customer data, and steal cash directly out of your balance, but you can stop this with our Virus Removal Services in San Diego. Some are even being subsidized by their own legislature to assault little, unprotected organizations.

Don’t believe you’re at risk since you’re “little” and not a major target like Walmart or Home Depot? Think of this. 82,000 NEW malware dangers are being discharged each and every day and HALF of the digital assaults happening are against private companies; you simply don’t find out about it since it’s kept quiet because of a paranoid fear of drawing in awful PR, lawsuits, and leak fines, also out of sheer humiliation.

Indeed, the National Cyber Security Alliance reports that one out of five independent companies have been casualties of cyber crime in recent years – and that number is developing quickly as more organizations use distributed computing and mobile devices, and store more data on the web. Simply, most independent companies are easy targets to hackers because of their absence of satisfactory security frameworks which is why Virus Removal Services in San Diego are important.

As a neighborhood IT support organization, we work day and night to shield our customers from these assaults with our Virus Removal Services in San Diego and sadly we see, all the time, dedicated business people being monetarily crushed by these slime balls. We are resolved to WARN whoever we can of the circumstances of the VERY REAL dangers confronting their association, so they get an opportunity to ensure themselves and all that they’ve buckled down to accomplish with Virus Removal Services in San Diego.