About Us

IT 4 a Week is a family of dedicated geeks. We have grown to provide managed IT services to companies all over North America, despite our humble beginnings. Our team works together to support our clients and to deliver premium service. We love solving puzzles and have tons of fun tackling new challenges. Our company culture is built on a foundation of mindfulness and ethics.

We know running a business is hard work. You need your IT to keep pace with evolving technology, freeing you to focus on what you do best. Every client is a business partner and we treat their productivity and success as if it was our own.

At IT 4 a Week, we handle your end-to-end needs, providing flexible and secure services to satisfy your specific needs. Our exceptional team will work with you to meet your infrastructure and software demands. We are committed to streamlining your productivity and ensuring that everything runs smoother, faster, and better.

IT 4 a Week scales to match your growing business. We provide a comprehensive solution that allows you to seamlessly expand your workforce. We handle all the hardware, network systems, infrastructure improvements, security upgrades, and compliance requirements. We provide on-call support with our experts, including 24/7 emergency support for when you need it the most.