Hardware Upgrades

Has your PC begun smoking? Is it making unusual noises? Has it quit working altogether and you simply don’t know what to do? Assuming this is the case, call us- – we know how to settle your PC’s equipment issues. We’ll give you a legit and clear finding, furnishing you with our specialized feeling on whether you should fix your PC, or maybe investigate different choices.

As time goes on, so does the effectiveness and power of the equipment within devices. Memory space is getting larger, processors are getting smaller, and the amount of things a device can do has grown exponentially. An upgrade becomes necessary after a certain amount of time, and many people who chose to do the upgrade themselves end up with irreversible damage that leaves the computer or other device worse off than before the attempt. At IT4AWeek, we provide you with expert methods and certain care that will prevent any sort of further damage!

We offer a variety of comprehensive and effective hardware upgrades

We can replace hard drives, broken CD/DVD drives, motherboards, video cards and other equipment parts. In the event that your PC is running slowly, we can give a memory (RAM) chip upgrade to make it quicker, or deal with some other equipment concerns you have.